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Production rate of MODEL&CO equipment is the starting point to calculate profitability. Average production rates of MODEL&CO equipment is the following:

For diaphragm wall and piling equipment drilling in soil type silty clays and stiff clays

Equipment Daily production rate one shift (8h)
Mechanical Grab CMS 100 ÷ 150 m2
Mechanical Grab CMSP 100 ÷ 150m2
Mechanical Grab CMP 180 ÷ 250 m2
Mechanical Grab CMX 250 ÷ 350 m2
Hydraulic Grab CHS8 130 ÷ 180 m2
Hydraulic Grab MP300 60 ÷ 80 m2
CFA Piling rig BF10 250 ÷ 350 m lineales
Piling rig RF4S 150 ÷ 230 m lineales